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Read fascinating and interesting stories from educators and schools from around the world representing a diverse array of opinions and information.

The View from a Student Teacher and a Supervisor: “Student Teaching During a Pandemic”

Sarah: When I heard the news that schools were closing due to the COVID-19 virus, myriad emotions filled my brain. The initial concern that I experienced at the beginning of…...

Education News
How to Take Effective and Focused Notes (Cornell and Outline Examples)

Are you struggling to take notes? In this video, I will show you how to take focused and effective Cornell & Outline notes. I will teach you how to summarize…...

Parents and Teachers have Common Ground with Invisible Labor

In the aftermath of this global crisis, there is one meeting point for teachers and parents that would strengthen mutual respect and understanding. Invisible labor is a reality at home,…...

InterACT Online
Singapore: This Culturally Diverse and Vibrant City-State is a Destination You Won’t Want to Miss

Last summer, my husband was offered a promotion that required moving our family of four from Texas to Singapore. While we had traveled to Asia before (even spending a year…...

InterACT Online
The Anti-Suitcase Curriculum School: How Shanghai American School has Reinvented its Schoolwide Learning Goals

Walking through the hallways, offices, and classrooms at Shanghai American School (SAS), one commonly overhears faculty intently discussing complicated educational jargon such as Disciplinary Transfer Goals (DTGs) and Transdisciplinary Transfer…...

Surface Culture: The Visible Gateway to Deep Culture

Imagine this: walking anxiously through unfamiliar hallways, attempting to timidly read foriegn environmental print at every corner of each monochromatic wall. Apprehensively smelling and tasting strange food at the cafeteria…...

Education News
Using Socratic Questioning as a Lens for School Improvement: Socrates Head of School – Mark Engstrom

Mark Engstrom, an experienced school administrator in both in the U.S. and internationally, joins SchoolRubric to discuss his latest project, Socrates Head of School, that reframes the age-old question of…...

Unprofessional Development EP 23: Tony Danza Part 1

Who's the Teacher? Today, we sit down with the one and only Tony Danza!  We discuss the first year teacher experience, why the arts are important, and why schools and…...

The Counter Narrative Podcast E12: Pause to Ponder – The Current State of Education

Welcome to the Counter Narrative Podcast, a show designed to change the way we talk, and think, about education. By sharing stories of successes and triumphs, we aim to challenge…...

EduMagic E64: It’s about the story that you share: Remote teaching opportunities

This is a jam-packed episode full of tips for teacher candidates as you navigate through the remote teaching journey. Hello, edumagians, and welcome back to another episode of the edumagic…...

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New Orleans, LA, USA

Asunción, Paraguay

The American School of Asunción is a selective…

Bogota, Colombia

Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG) is a private co-educational…

Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare International School is committed to educating the…

San Salvador, El Salvador

The American School of El Salvador is a…

Doha, Qatar

ASD was established in 1988 by the U.S.…

Alajuela Province, San Rafael, Costa Rica

Country Day School offers an excellent American education…

Santiago, Chile

Since 1934, Nido’s curriculum and programming have been…

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