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The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.

Colomos 2300, Col. Providencia

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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General Information

Total Students 1445
Grade Level(s)
Average Tuition (USD) $ N/A
Religious Affiliation N/A
Year Founded 1908
Gender N/A
Type N/A
School Website
Phone No. (+52) 3336480299
Social Media

Class Schedule

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ASFG is committed to providing a supportive, caring, and safe environment where all members can work and learn in order to fulfill the mission and learning goals of the school. Parents, teachers, students, and the rest of the school community have a responsibility to contribute to the protection and maintenance of this environment.The programs and initiatives mentioned in this section all contribute to ensuring a healthy climate and promoting a caring community here at ASFG. Educating students in a bilingual, bicultural and secular environment to be purposeful learners, critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators and community contributors, based on a foundation of honor, freedom and commitment.


The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C., an “Asociación Civil” (non-profit organization). The Board of Trustees is the maximum authority of the Association. The Association’s purpose is to establish, support, manage and develop different types of schools as allowed under the Law, whether grammar schools, junior and senior high schools, technical schools or any other type of school without any kind of restriction. The Association may incorporate by itself or jointly with other national or foreign institutions, universities integrated to their respective research institutes, school and departments. There are two types of members: Associate Members: are in charge of the legal situation of the Association with all the rights and obligations hereby granted to them. They will be in office for life unless they resign or their appointment is revoked due to any of the causes mentioned by-laws. There will be no less than 9 nor more than 15 members. Honorary Members: individuals or corporations that contribute to the estate of the Association with distinguished services or assets, and are recognized as such by the Associate Members. They do not have any rights in the Association or voice or vote. They attend meetings only if specifically invited by the Board of Trustees Chairperson. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to monitor the overall operation of the school, creating policies that norm the operation of the school.

Additional Information

Curriculum Languages Offered Affiliation(s) ExtraCurricular Activites
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    Colomos 2300, Col. Providencia

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