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American School of Madrid

Calle América, 3, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón

Madrid, Spain

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    Elementary physical education class.

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    Indoor court and cheerleading presentation.

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    Seating area and outdoor learning activity.

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    Outdoor field and track area.

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    Entrance to the school.

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General Information

Total Students 979
Grade Level(s) Grade 1 - Grade 5
Average Tuition (USD) $ N/A
Religious Affiliation Catholic
Year Founded 1961
Gender Boys
Type Boarding
School Website
Phone No. (+34) 917401900
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Class Schedule

MON 8:20 pm - 8:20 pm
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ASM’s ten-acre campus is home to four purpose built buildings, as well as a turf soccer field with a running track around the periphery, two outdoor tennis and basketball courts, one volleyball court and a baseball diamond.

The Early Childhood and Lower School building includes a music room, computer center, nurses office and gymnasium.

The Middle and Upper School sections contain two computer centers and two middle school science laboratories as well as The Stanton Griffis Resource Center/library and the cafeteria.
The Ambassador and Mrs. George L. Argyros Center for the Arts has a 600 seat auditorium, an exhibition galleria, a large multipurpose room, 3 art classrooms, 2 music classrooms and 6 music practice rooms, also dressing and make-up rooms.

The recently inaugurated New Athletics Complex and O’Hale Center for the Sciences contains four science classrooms/laboratories for grades 9-12 and 1 robotics/technology lab. This wing is home to ASM’s second gymnasium for the Middle and Upper School, a full fitness room, health classroom and 4 changing/locker rooms. The DaVinci room is an open-learning area for innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning.


The American School of Madrid was established as an independent, American, non-profit, college-preparatory school under the form of an Association. It is governed by a Board of Trustees whose primary responsibility is to keep ASM’s founding mission current and viable. The Board is a policy-making group, legally empowered to act on behalf of the School. The Board charts a course of action for the school through the development and adoption of Board policies and decisions.

The by-laws require that the Board is self-perpetuating and that members represent ASM, not a particular constituency. The Board represents a large diversity in talents, including business, financial, professional, and other skills.

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    Calle América, 3, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón

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