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Unprofessional Development EP 23: Tony Danza Part 1

Unprofessional Development EP 23: Tony Danza Part 1


Who’s the Teacher?

Today, we sit down with the one and only Tony Danza!  We discuss the first year teacher experience, why the arts are important, and why schools and reality shows don’t blend well.

*Check out Tony’s show: “Teach: Tony Danza

*And check out his book:  I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High

*Part 2 will be out next Monday!  While you wait, finish listening to our conversation with Niemann about surviving your first year teaching and how to make an impact on kids’ lives.

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Tudisco an English teacher and Mealey a Math teacher have a podcast called Unprofessional Development. They interview people from the world of education and have a good time doing it. They have the kind of conversations that take place in the workroom, the bar room or the coffee house. Swapping stories and educational philosophies with both sincerity and snark. When you are with them you feel like you are hanging out with your teacher friends laughing and learning about this crazy profession we have in which it is okay to be unprofessional sometimes.

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