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The Tom Shimmer Podcast Episode 10: Lead with Your Charisma | Bill Ferriter | Instructional Agility

Lead with Your Charisma | Bill Ferriter | Instructional Agility

Tom Schimmer | @TomSchimmerPod
January 13,  2021

In Don’t @ Me (4:29) Tom asserts that leaders must find their charisma, develop their charisma, so they can lead with their charisma. Then, Tom is joined by Bill Ferriter (18:18), a middle school science teacher from North Carolina, to discuss teaching strategies for a remote or hybrid learning model. In Assessment Corner (1:31:22), Tom outlines a process for how teachers can plan with precision for instructional agility.

Notes from Bill Ferriter Interview:

The Tom Schimmer Podcast is a show about learning, leadership, and life. Primarily, it’s a podcast that focuses on current topics in K-12 education. Each week, Tom - a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and education consultant - will lean on his 30 years of experience to keep listeners informed and entertained on the prevailing stories dominating the conversations about teaching and learning. Secondarily, this podcast also focus on leadership by exploring how leaders in any field can truly engineer a culture of continued professional growth.

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