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The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 44: Exploring Teacher Blogs

The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 44: Exploring Teacher Blogs


In Episode 44 of the Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav explore some of the amazing blogs written by teachers that they have used to help them learn about all things “education.”

Chey and Pav highlight the benefits of using teacher voice to express their own thoughts and feelings, but in this episode they focus more so on teachers that are sharing their blogs, and how much we have learned from them.

Chey and Pav introduce Chef Devan Rajkumar, Executive Chef of ChefDev in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for their 3 Enlightened Minutes segment. Devan talks about the influence of varying educational experiences in his learning environments growing up, as well as his teaching experiences with young children in the culinary arts across the city in his career as a chef. His Instagram teaching videos have been outstanding in helping to get people, including children, inspiring a new generation of new chefs!

After the 3 Enlightened Minutes segment, Chey and Pav wrap up by discussing some of the benefits of reading teacher blogs to be able to gain more perspectives on the different areas of education.

Remember to Inspire, Don’t Require, always be a Humble Servant, and Education Never Dies.

You can Check out our 3 Enlightened Minutes Guests, Chef Devan Rajkumar from Toronto, Canada at:

Chey and Pav, two experienced middle school teachers from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, take listeners through the in’s and out’s of the field of Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Through their anecdotal, yet often comedic banter, laced with caring insightfulness, they take their audience into a conversation that is surely eye-opening and entertaining, while tackling some of the real, and ever-changing issues that exist in Education. Come join Chey and Pav; partake in the Staff Room chatter that all teachers and educators can connect with.

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