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The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 37: A Great Time for Appreciation

The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 37: A Great Time for Appreciation

In Episode 37 of the Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav reflect on the incredible work that has been done by teachers, students, administrators, families – in the face of crisis learning, in the hopes of moving towards remote learning. Education had to pivot on a dime in the face of this pandemic, and teachers, first and foremost, had to completely change the way they did everything for their students in their classrooms. And they did it extremely well. On their morning radio show, The Drive on VoicEd Radio, Chey and Pav had a two-part dedication episode, during which they had an incredible amount of educators submit dedications to other educators, students, parents and administrators – to thank them for the incredible work they have done in the past year with respect to building something incredible for their students during such a difficult time.

Chey and Pav emphasize that sometimes the need from appreciation for educators, students and families arises from some negative criticisms that might occur. We use this as an opportunity to reinforce and dedicate some appreciation for our peers at this time.

Listen to Chey and Pav on their morning radio show, The Drive on VoicEd Radio Fridays at 9 AM EST.

Chey and Pav introduce Dustin Pearson, a SPED Teacher and Coach from Kansas City, Missouri for their 3 Enlightened Minutes segment. Dustin  talks about his initiative called #WeAreOneTeam – focusing on the culture and relationship building that needs to occur to Increase Student Achievement!

After the 3 Enlightened Minutes segment, Chey and Pav wrap up their takeaways about appreciation. They discuss the necessity for showing appreciation towards all of the parties involved with this difficult school year, as we have all needed to pivot on a dime in order to make everything work.

Remember to Inspire, Don’t Require, always be a Humble Servant, and Education Never Dies.

You can Check out our 3 Enlightened Minutes Guest: Dustin Pearson from Kansas City, Missouri at:

Twitter: @DustinPearson2



Chey and Pav, two experienced middle school teachers from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, take listeners through the in’s and out’s of the field of Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Through their anecdotal, yet often comedic banter, laced with caring insightfulness, they take their audience into a conversation that is surely eye-opening and entertaining, while tackling some of the real, and ever-changing issues that exist in Education. Come join Chey and Pav; partake in the Staff Room chatter that all teachers and educators can connect with.

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