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The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 32: Teachers on the Fringe

The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 32:Teachers on the Fringe

In Episode 32 of the Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav reflect on how support teachers might be feeling a little on the outside, or on the fringe, during this time of remote learning. Support staff members, such as Rotary teachers, Special Education Resource teachers, ECE’s and EA’s, ESL teachers, Teacher-Librarians, Guidance counselors, and so many other integral parts of the in-school system, have been finding it difficult to work their way into the world of remote learning, when the classroom teacher tends to be the one leading the charge with all the students. Resource and support teachers are normally deeply embedded into the classroom culture in an in-school environment, however, they may have been finding it a little bit difficult to be able to connect with students right now, when there doesn’t seem to be a good place for them to fit in with students.

Chey and Pav discuss the idea that the panic mode of setting up for distance learning is finally starting to settle, and now that classrooms are starting to get into a particular routine, it is a good time to start integrating the support staff, who so desperately want to be connected to students again. Some of the ways that teachers have been involved have included Support teachers starting their own classrooms for the students they service, holding small group video conferencing, offering resources to students in large group, small group and even individual scenarios.

Chey and Pav introduce their 3 Enlightened Minutes guest, Cathline Tanis, high school teacher who talks about a course she created and teaches called “Race & Gender in Literature,” through many interesting and enriching problem based scenarios.

Remember to Inspire, Don’t Require, always be a Humble Servant, and Education Never Dies.

You can Check out our 3 Enlightened Minutes Guest: Cathline Tanis, High School Course supervisor from New Jersey at @TanisLeads.

Chey and Pav, two experienced middle school teachers from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, take listeners through the in’s and out’s of the field of Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Through their anecdotal, yet often comedic banter, laced with caring insightfulness, they take their audience into a conversation that is surely eye-opening and entertaining, while tackling some of the real, and ever-changing issues that exist in Education. Come join Chey and Pav; partake in the Staff Room chatter that all teachers and educators can connect with.

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