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The Staff Room Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 51: What is the Value of Summer PD?

The Staff Room Podcast with Chey and Pav Episode 51: What is the Value of Summer PD?


In Episode 51 of The Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav talk about the value of professional development that many teachers go through during their summer months. They talk about the shift they experienced from their summers in the past to this particular one that just came to an end. Their summer was so filled with valuable professional development, which has already helped them with the return to school.

Chey and Pav talked about the benefits of participating in Twitter edchats, presenting and attending various webinars, reading and listening to lots of informative books, as well as being a part of book clubs, doing weekly zoom check-ins with many educators from around the world, reading lots of articles and blogs, listening to several incredible podcasts and live educational radio shows, and of course, engaging in rich, meaningful dialogue about so many amazing topics.

Chey and Pav introduced Brandon Beck, Ed.D., educator from Tarrytown, New York for their 3 Enlightened Minutes segment. Brandon talks about the value of getting to know his professional learning network on Twitter, and the growth that has come from his work on his book, “Unlocking Unlimited Potential,” which will be released this fall.

After the 3 Enlightened Minutes segment, Chey and Pav wrap up by outlining specifically which PD they engaged in over the summer. Here are some links and information about some of the incredible resources:


  • Policing Black Lives by Robyn Maynard
  • From the Ashes by Jesse Thistle
  • Breath by James Nestor

School Rubric Webinar Series:

Podcasts and Radio Programs:


Remember to Inspire, Don’t Require, always be a Humble Servant, and Education Never Dies.

You can Check out our 3 Enlightened Minutes Guest, Brandon Beck, Ed.D. at:

Twitter: @BrandonBeckEDU

Chey and Pav, two experienced middle school teachers from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, take listeners through the in’s and out’s of the field of Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Through their anecdotal, yet often comedic banter, laced with caring insightfulness, they take their audience into a conversation that is surely eye-opening and entertaining, while tackling some of the real, and ever-changing issues that exist in Education. Come join Chey and Pav; partake in the Staff Room chatter that all teachers and educators can connect with.

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