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The Innovative Teacher Podcast E6: Social Distancing Activities for Kids in the Classroom

The Innovative Teacher Podcast E6: Social Distancing Activities for Kids in the Classroom

The Innovative Teacher Podcast
September 3,  2020

Social distancing activities for kids are going to be difficult and different in every room.   Teachers are going to use different strategies inside the classroom to keep everyone safe while still learning is going to be a challenge. This episode is for teachers to gather ideas for teaching in the classroom that will still allow your students to work on those innovative lessons you love to use.

Naomi and Spencer talk about all things in the classroom and teaching while keeping students safe. They cover teaching strategies inside the classroom to keep your students engaged, on task, and safe at school.

We talk through what strategies might work for you and how we can continue learning in an ever-changing world. Come join the Innovative Teacher Podcast as we dive into Professional Development.

In this episode you will learn more about:

  • Teaching strategies in the classroom
  • Teaching instructions in the classroom
  • Using materials inside the classroom
  • Teaching methods inside the classroom

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The Innovate Teacher Podcast is created for teachers to learn and grow together, to move their classrooms forward. Current K through 5 STEM teachers, Naomi and Spencer dive into various technology topics. They talk Makerspace, STEAM, and PBL, and other hands-on tasks to engage your students. Every Thursday, they bring you the best in technology in the classroom from interviewing people, to real examples from our own classroom. Naomi Meredith is a former classroom teacher turned current K-5 STEM teacher. She teaches STEM in the specials rotation while also having the opportunity to co-teach with teachers in her building. While currently working on her Master’s in STEM Leadership, she believes that ANYONE can teach STEM no matter what their classroom setting is. Spencer Sharp is a current K-5 STEM teacher and created the STEM program at his school from scratch. With a Master's in STEM Curriculum & Instruction, his goal is to help ALL teachers create fun ways to add STEM and other useful instruction in their classroom.


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