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The Globetrottin’ ADs – S2E9 – Virtual Competitions

The Globetrottin’ ADs – S2E9 – Virtual Competitions

Globetrottin' ADs
December 23,  2020

In a first for the Globetrottin’ ADs, Nick and Matt are joined by two guests at the same time to have a discussion about virtual competitions. It is a first because this is the first episode where academic activities are discussed. Many ADs around the world are also Activity Directors and they have (unintentionally) neglected this side of the job thus far.

Matt Lautenbach, the Athletics & Activities Director at the Vientiane Int. School in Laos and Marc Lavoie the Student Life Coordinator at AIS Budapest are the guests of the episode which kicks off talking about their bread and butter, athletics.

The current situation has brought a rise of virtual competitions this fall especially for Cross Country and as we transition into winter Swimming events are coming up but Matt has already hosted a virtual event. Even in a normal year Swimming lends itself easily to comparisons around the world, which is why Matt has started a platform for international schools around the world to compete:

After an ad break the group switch to academic events and talk about the move to online events for things like Speech and Debate and Quiz Bowl. Some successful events are already happening around the world and are bringing students and coach closer together but can not replace the experience of traveling to another school.

The guys also talk about what new things are emerging in schools that may have lasting impacts for years to come.

Before closing the episode out Matt and Marc share what they love about their current, and may be permanent, homes of Vientiane and Budapest

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The Globetrottin' ADs is a global community of international school athletic directors, activity coordinators, coaches, teachers and friends. The podcast and website is hosted by Matt Fleming, AIS Budapest and Nick DeForest, AIS Vienna. The podcast was started in January of 2020, when the coronavirus was not even a blip on the radar, but expanded into online conferences and resources which brings community members from around the globe together to share, learn and grow.


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