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The Globetrottin’ ADs S2E6: Changing Seasons

The Globetrottin’ ADs S2E6: Changing Seasons

Globetrottin' ADs
November 4,  2020

Seasons are changing in Europe as Nick and Matt talk about their ongoing fall seasons, their upcoming winter seasons and then the Student Led Conference.

AIS Budapest has all of their normal teams this season but they are not allowed to compete while at AIS Vienna some local games are happening but without season ending tournaments. As Matt and Nick talk about their experiences this season, we also hear from a student and coach from Budapest, then Nick cant believe that a ‘negative’ email can return the most positives replies he has ever gotten.

Looking ahead, the motto in Vienna is ‘do what we normally do as long as possible’ while in Budapest an alternative start to the winter season is probable. Nick and Matt are interested in hearing from schools around the world about their plans for the winter. Reach out to the guys by email or on social media to share your plans.

To wrap up the episode the guys talk about the latest Globetrottin’ AD initiative, a Student Led Conference. Still in its initial stages the conference has over 30 schools registered and 2 amazing keynote speakers. Nick shares his thoughts about how the conference could impact all of his high school students while Matt plans to roll it out after their fall break. 

Thinking about break, Nick and Matt share their plans about some ‘in country’ trips and a chance to relax. They hope all of their listeners get a chance to relax as well.

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The Globetrottin' ADs is a global community of international school athletic directors, activity coordinators, coaches, teachers and friends. The podcast and website is hosted by Matt Fleming, AIS Budapest and Nick DeForest, AIS Vienna. The podcast was started in January of 2020, when the coronavirus was not even a blip on the radar, but expanded into online conferences and resources which brings community members from around the globe together to share, learn and grow.


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