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The Globetrottin’ ADs S2E4: Showing The Way

The Globetrottin’ ADs S2E4: Showing The Way

Globetrottin' ADs
October 6,  2020

In this episode of the Globetrottin’ ADs Matt and Nick are joined by Bruce Whitehead of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association or NIAAA.

Among many other things Bruce was the Executive Director of the NIAAA from 2004 until 2016, was inducted into the NIAAA Hall of Fame in 2018, has an annual NIAAA award named after him and is currently the head of the International Ad-Hoc Committee which Matt and Nick are a part of.

Matt and Nick ask Bruce about what it is like to have been a part of the growth of the NIAAA, have an award named after himself and what he feels he is most proud of. The three also talk about what the International Ad-Hoc committee is, who is on it and where its heading.

Bruce also reveals some of the unreleased plans for this years National Athletic Directors Conference which was scheduled for Tampa Florida in December before it was changed to an online event.

You can find out more information about the NIAAA on their website or by contacting Matt or Nick directy;

Even before the online conference in December the NIAAA is offering a number of online courses this fall. The full schedule can be found on their website under professional development.

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To connect with Matt & Nick and find out more:

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The Globetrottin' ADs is a global community of international school athletic directors, activity coordinators, coaches, teachers and friends. The podcast and website is hosted by Matt Fleming, AIS Budapest and Nick DeForest, AIS Vienna. The podcast was started in January of 2020, when the coronavirus was not even a blip on the radar, but expanded into online conferences and resources which brings community members from around the globe together to share, learn and grow.


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