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The Counter Narrative Podcast Season 2, Episode 9: Interview with Aviva Levin

The Counter Narrative Podcast Season 2, Episode 9: Interview with Aviva Levin

Charles Williams | @_cwconsulting
December 28,  2020

Welcome to the Counter Narrative Podcast, a show designed to change the way we talk, and think, about education. By sharing stories of successes and triumphs, we aim to challenge the dominant narrative that often negatively portrays our disenfranchised populations.

I’m your host, Charles Williams. An educator for 15 years, a current school principal, and an educational consultant.

In this episode, I chat with Aviva Levin, a passionate podcaster who loves interviewing educators about their practice as the host of “Lesson: Impossible – An Exploration of Educational Innovation”.  She was a teacher in Canada for ten years, and is now a grad student as well as an enthusiastic volunteer and professional development presenter in Washington State.

During our chat, we acknowledge that there are issues within education and explore the ideas of rebuilding within the system or designing something new and innovative. We also discuss how lonely it can be when we push back against common practices but how we can find like minded individuals and use those connections to help make necessary changes. In exploring the obstacles in changing the narrative, Aviva points out that there is often a disconnect between the experiences of our educators and that of our students. Teachers strive to bridge that gap but are fearful because of doing it wrong or even being ostracized by peers for not adhering to norm. Despite this, she encourages everyone to live their values, understanding that not everyone will agree with them. She also suggests developing solutions, something that can be done by starting small within your own space, and not simply pointing out the problems that exist.

I hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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Charles Williams has served in urban education for 15 years as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal while working with students in grades PK - 12. He has developed innovative programs and structures that have resulted in successful schools in both Indiana and Illinois. He has also presented and spoken at numerous events. Charles is the founder of CW Consulting, an Educational Consulting Group, the host of the Counter Narrative Podcast, and the host of Real Educators Talk, a monthly discussion designed to engage educators in authentic conversations around education.


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