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The BeerEDU Podcast Episode 085: Real Digital Learning with Brian Costello

The BeerEDU Podcast Episode 085: Real Digital Learning with Brian Costello

The BeerEDU Podcast | @BeerEDUpod
October 13,  2020

Kyle & Ben chat with Brian Costello (@btcostello05) about how teaching kindergarten and middle school are similar, shifting from elementary to middle school robotics, the opportunity to shift education for the better, and how schools, while with good intentions, most likely aren’t doing a great job with digital learning in the current situation. Check out the shownotes for this episode at

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The BeerEDU Podcast is the podcast for educators that love to learn and share ideas with fellow educators over beers (or any drink)! You know how you head to your local pub after a long week and swear that you won't talk about school, but inevitably, you do? We have those conversations with amazing educators from all over the world! So grab a drink and join Kyle Anderson and Ben Dickson for amazing conversations about education on your favorite podcast app!


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