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Teacher Saves World E45: “Are We Having an Educational Existential Crisis?”

Teacher Saves World E45: “Are We Having an Educational Existential Crisis?”


Laurie & Matt return from their Heart & Soul of a Teacher Journey to visit a dark place where few venture intentionally, but where many often end up. They revisit their regular format to address the question, “Are We Having an Educational Existential Crisis?”

Grappling with the demands of distance learning and the strange alternative universe they seem to visit everyday, where they stare at black boxes and try to coax work out of and build relationships with the teenage humans they believe are behind the dark rectangles, Laurie & Matt let it rip on the mixed-up emotional state they find themselves in. Admittedly thin on practical advice, this episode explores the emotional and psychological grinder that teachers are fed through daily, and the warped reality it is creating. When the people of the future discover and analyze this podcast, it will definitely be definitive of Laurie & Matt’s “dark period.”

If you have a story to share and would like to be a guest on their show, reach out to Laurie & Matt through social media or by email.

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We started Teacher Saves World! to unite teachers and parents in saving the world, one teenager at a time. We're high school teachers and parents of two teens ourselves, so while we love the little ones, that turbulent time between childhood and adulthood is our wheelhouse. We also think high school is four of the most important years in a person's life, and each teen needs an army of caring adults that are dedicated to making sure they're ready to thrive in adulthood. We're taking an Avengers approach: We need everybody to pitch in! We're all superheroes when we care about helping teenagers grow up into confident and capable adults.


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