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Teacher Saves World E41: Teen Parent Therapy: When Your Kids Don’t Like Each Other

Teacher Saves World E41: Teen Parent Therapy: When Your Kids Don’t Like Each Other


Laurie & Matt, responding to the outpouring of thanks they received after sharing their struggles with parenting teen boys, experiment with a new Thursday format they’re calling “Teen Parent Therapy.” Realizing that part of the struggle with parenting is battling the constant feelings of failure and thinking that somehow you’re responsible for every ill-advised action your teen takes, Laurie & Matt go in search of relief instead strategies. The truth is, we’re not alone (even though most of the parent posts on facebook would have us think otherwise), and there is value in sharing your struggles and helping others through theirs.

With this episode, Laurie & Matt discuss the frustration of having children that don’t seem to like each other. In a world brimming with best friend bros and sisters for life, why do our kids barely talk to each other? What did we do…again? Laurie & Matt reflect on their childhood and their relationships with their siblings, how they’ve raised their kids, and the reality that there are many sibling relationships that mirror their own kids’. Acceptance and patience may be the only advice they have, but these episodes aren’t about giving advice, but rather talking through our trials and forgiving ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, letting some other teen parents know they’re not alone.

If you have a story to share and would like to be a guest on their show, reach out to Laurie & Matt through social media or by email.

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We started Teacher Saves World! to unite teachers and parents in saving the world, one teenager at a time. We're high school teachers and parents of two teens ourselves, so while we love the little ones, that turbulent time between childhood and adulthood is our wheelhouse. We also think high school is four of the most important years in a person's life, and each teen needs an army of caring adults that are dedicated to making sure they're ready to thrive in adulthood. We're taking an Avengers approach: We need everybody to pitch in! We're all superheroes when we care about helping teenagers grow up into confident and capable adults.


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