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Teacher Saves World E40: Heart & Soul Interview: Ed Campos Jr.

Teacher Saves World E40: Heart & Soul Interview: Ed Campos Jr.


Laurie & Matt continue their journey into the heart and soul of a teacher, this time interviewing edtech guru Ed Campos Jr. Laurie and Eddie crossed paths at a local edtech conference five years ago, and they’ve been friends ever since.

A product of a rural, small, Mexican community, Ed shares how his path took him from Earlimart (CA), to UCLA, to Silicon Valley, and back to California’s Central Valley to teach. He opens up about anxiety and using mindfulness in the classroom, a childhood teacher that changed his life, and how he learns by doodling. Laurie & Matt end the show by asking their Final Five questions, including that one quality he believes that lives in the souls of all good teachers. Eddie’s answer surprises them both, in a good way. Meditation, civil discourse, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are also discussed.

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