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Teacher Saves World E35: The MOST Important Teenager Habit

Teacher Saves World E35: The MOST Important Teenager Habit


Laurie & Matt address the one habit that makes the greatest impact on teens, and not just from a school outcomes perspective, but from a whole person, emotional, psychological, and relationship perspective. After years of being asked to do work, by teachers and parents, teens have developed a habitual response to that request. At that moment, an unconscious series of moves kicks in, and their lives are either improved or made more complicated. Laurie & Matt address the consequences of their habitual response, how everyone in the teen’s universe is affected by their habit, and they offer a few suggestions for how to condition a response that makes life better for everyone.

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We started Teacher Saves World! to unite teachers and parents in saving the world, one teenager at a time. We're high school teachers and parents of two teens ourselves, so while we love the little ones, that turbulent time between childhood and adulthood is our wheelhouse. We also think high school is four of the most important years in a person's life, and each teen needs an army of caring adults that are dedicated to making sure they're ready to thrive in adulthood. We're taking an Avengers approach: We need everybody to pitch in! We're all superheroes when we care about helping teenagers grow up into confident and capable adults.


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