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Teacher Saves World E30: How Can Teachers Manage Time Better?

Teacher Saves World E30: How Can Teachers Manage Time Better?


Laurie & Matt conduct their first interview for this episode, bringing in an expert to help answer the question, “How Can Teachers Manage Time Better?” That expert is Serena Pariser, a rock star educator and author of two books for teachers, the most recent of which is called Real Talk About Time Management: 35 Best Practices for Educators, which she co-authored with Edward F. DeRoche. On her first book, Real Talk About Classroom Management, 50 Best Practices That Work and Show You Believe in Your Students, she was the sole author.

In a strange era when time has seemingly distorted, and veteran teachers are experiencing an anxiety they haven’t felt since their first year in the classroom, Serena translates time management techniques and tips for the online, distance-learning environment most teachers will be facing when school resumes in he fall. The interview follows the structure of the book, with Serena first addressing how to adopt a “Time Management Mindset.” The conversation then moves onto time management strategies for “Planning,” “At School, ” and “At Home.”

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