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Schools Post-Pandemic: Why We’ll Be Better Off On The Other Side – Tim Shirk

What will schools look like post-pandemic? Tim Shirk presents his case on why the future of classrooms looks brighter than ever.

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Click on video above to view the presentation.

If and when students come back to school campuses after the COVID-19 pandemic, what will classrooms look like? What are some of the key lessons and trends we can take from our current school closure situation in order to fundamentally improve student learning when schools re-open?

Tim Shirk, an experienced U.S. and international school administrator, takes a bullish view on schools post-pandemic, arguing that schools and education in general will be better off on the other side as a result of new innovations, trends, and resources acquired and developed during extended school closures. The video above is a recording of his presentation with SchoolRubric on April 25, 2020.

A copy of the presentation may be accessed by clicking here.

Dr. Wallace Ting is originally from Dallas, Texas and began his career in education as a public school mathematics teacher in Texas and New York City (as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program). He has also worked in international education for a total of 10 years as a Principal, Deputy Director, and Director in Guatemala, Colombia, and Nigeria. Currently, Dr. Ting resides in Orlando, Florida with his young son, Phillip and enjoys playing tennis, camping, and hiking.


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