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School Closure Made Our Community Stronger – Debra Cota

Debra Cota, a Principal at Beijing City International School, shares her experience with school closure and the importance of frequently checking in with staff.

Wallace Ting | @TingWallace
April 14,  2020
Education News

Click on video above to view the presentation.

Debra Cota, Early Childhood Center Principal at Beijing City International School, was one of three featured presenters at SchoolRubric’s meet-up on Saturday, April 11 2020. Schools in Beijing are currently in their tenth week of closure, and Ms. Cota’s experience serves as an interesting “time machine” for other schools around the world in earlier stages of school closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the main points that Ms. Cota shared was the importance of staying connected with teachers and other staff members during a school closure. By checking in regularly, offering support in any way possible, and leveraging and coordinating school resources, Ms. Cota was able to maintain and even deepen relationships with staff members throughout the closure.

A copy of the presentation may be accessed by clicking here. We also invite you to read Ms. Cota’s article, Silver Linings Prevail Over COVID-19.

Dr. Wallace Ting is originally from Dallas, Texas and began his career in education as a public school mathematics teacher in Texas and New York City (as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program). He has also worked in international education for a total of 10 years as a Principal, Deputy Director, and Director in Guatemala, Colombia, and Nigeria. Currently, Dr. Ting resides in Orlando, Florida with his young son, Phillip and enjoys playing tennis, camping, and hiking.


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