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Promoting Faculty and Staff Wellness in Schools | Educators Without Borders

Promoting Faculty and Staff Wellness in Schools | Educators Without Borders

Educators Without Borders

In Episode 1 of Educators Without Borders, SchoolRubric is joined by Julia Reynen (CEO and Founder, Culture Innovator), Sula Graham (Leadership and Management Coach, WorkSpa Limited), and Daniel Gordon (Principal, Dhahran School Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools) to discuss the importance of faculty and staff wellness in schools. With a diverse set of roles in education spanning the globe, our panelists answer questions submitted from educators regarding staff health and wellness. Hosted by Wallace Ting (SchoolRubric Co-Founder).

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  • 0:00 SchoolRubric Introduction
  • 0:31 Pre-Panel presentation
  • 3:06 Panelist introductions
  • 4:15 Why are we working even more now than we ever were before? (Tim Shirk)
  • 7:05 Where is the intentionality in taking care of ourselves and others? (Traci Browder)
  • 10:34 How can administrators encourage teachers to take time for self-care? (Pawan Wander)
  • 16:30 What steps are there to implement a wellness program during distance learning? (Christian Prendergast)
  • 22:43 What strategies can support our faculty and student wellness for the long term? (Janna Trontvet)
  • 29:00 How do you balance the expectation of rigor? (Mark Engstrom)
  • 32:40 How can districts make mental health wellness truly more of a priority? (Mallory Goetz)

Educators Without Borders presented by SchoolRubric regularly convenes leading voices in education from across the globe to discuss the latest trends, news, stories, and insights in education.


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