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Our Passion for Global Education

International schools are an important and growing subset of the education sector. These schools, which can loosely be characterized as English-medium schools in non-English speaking countries, are typically private institutions and serve certain specific needs, such as providing a U.S.-accredited education for expatriate children, native-level English instruction for host country children, or offering superior programs and facilities. In the last 20 years, the number of international schools has more than quadrupled. Over the next 10 years, this growth is expected to continue with 5000 new schools opening and a doubling of current student enrollment.


In the midst of this expansion, international schools today face many issues. Many schools suffer from significant faculty turnover, and international schools typically operate on islands within host countries due to the lack of similar schools and the running of international or American programs within a local context. Many international educators and families decide to work and attend an international school without access to truly independent, informative, and transparent information.

About SchoolRubric

SchoolRubric was founded by former school teachers and administrators who have worked both domestically in the United States as well as in international schools around the world. This unique perspective and combined experience has shown us that there are amazing stories and achievements happening in schools around the world which are often untold. Our mission at SchoolRubric is to help schools, educators, parents, and students help tell their stories so that stakeholders can make the best choices about enrollment and staffing.


We look forward to interacting with the educational community and working together to help students around the world achieve the best possible educational outcomes. Should you wish to contact us for more information or for potential collaboration opportunities, please email us at

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