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Mindfulness and Wellness Tips for Educators Over the Holidays – Office Hours

Mindfulness and Wellness Tips for Educators Over the Holidays – Office Hours

Office Hours

In a school year like no other, the upcoming holidays are an opportunity for educators to pause, reflect, and regroup. Join some of our Office Hours regulars Chey Chey, Pawan Wander (The Staff Room Podcast), Traci Browder (Intelligogy The Podcast) and Charles Williams (The Counter Narrative Podcast) as they share their mindfulness and wellness tips for the holidays.

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  • 0:00 Office Hours Introduction
  • 1:35 Quick Check-In
  • 4:50 Pav Tip #1: Prepare for the fight
  • 10:03 Chey Tip #1: Go for a jog. Get outside
  • 12:42 Traci Tip #1A: Leverage internal support
  • 14:15 Traci Tip #1B: Leverage external support
  • 17:52 Charles Tip #1: Disconnect
  • 22:10 Traci Tip #2: Self reflect. Start a journal
  • 26:32 Chey Tip #2: Have a cup of tea
  • 28:55 Charles Tip #2: Be your best
  • 31:28 Pav Tip #2: Read or listen to a book
  • 35:45 Final thoughts
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