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Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 8: Teach Better Tuesday Featuring Rae Hughart

Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 8: Teach Better Tuesday Featuring Rae Hughart

Traci Browder | @tracibrowder
August 2,  2020

In this much-needed discussion of self-care, Traci and Rae explore the need for self-care and the challenges that come along with making it a priority.  The institution of education is built on many profound pillars.  Each pillar requires YOU. You invest your time, talents, heart, and often, your own money, because of your passion to serve.

Pillars of Education
Pillars of Education

The cliche oxygen mask concept still rings true.  We have to invest in ourselves so that we can invest in others. If we are exhausted, we lack the energy to inspire others. If we are weak, we lack the mental acuity to pivot. If we are malnourished emotionally, we lack the capacity to be available to support others.

Rae challenges us to, “Step away from your calling so you can get filled up so you can come back and be better for your students.”

It is important to pause and be with yourself and become very intimate with rest and restoration.

The implications of COVID-19 are many as schools around the world explore various scenarios for the return to school. Teachers may soon join the ranks of the front line team. This brings a heightened level of angst to educators.

If we can somehow get to a place of acceptance with the reality that we don’t have the answers, that things are changing by the week, we may have a sliver of peace. This is extremely difficult for educators.

When we add the layer of the outrage around systemic racism and the advocacy for the dismantling of racism and bias, educators may very well be at their capacity limitations. But…we can’t be at our limits.

Because we are in a global pandemic, because we are living in a rally against racism, we must take care of ourselves in order to do work.  We must give ourselves permission to rest, unplug, decompress, turn off televisions and disconnect from social media so that we can be better for our students, for families, for ourselves. Self-care is essential to the work ahead. R&R. Rest & Recharge.

Howdy, Edufriends! I am a lover of people and relationships. I’ve been teaching for more than 16 years. My happy places have been reading specialist, instructional coach, mentor, and a 3rd grade and Kindergarten teacher. My classroom is a live learning lab hosting student teachers, teachers who want to learn how to have more engagement in their classrooms, and administrators for other schools often pop in. I am most passionate about igniting the spark in adults and helping children believe in themselves. Perhaps oddly interesting, I have a unique love for animals that includes previously having owned a boa constrictor and having shown pure-bred wolves at wolf shows. I should have said unique love for exotic animals!

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