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Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 5: Friday Fundamentals Featuring Kavita Tanna

Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 5: Friday Fundamentals Featuring Kavita Tanna


Intelligogy The Podcast’s Friday Fundamentals features a series with Kavita Tanna, a global student empowerment leader and Deputy Director of Inspire Citizens. Kavita and I met, ironically, in a webinar hosted by SchoolRubric. We have established a friendship that connects us with England, China, and America. Valuable connections come from active participation in sessions provided by School Rubric. If you’ve not participated in one, I think you would find the webinar quite the enjoyable experience.

While this conversation was recorded before the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed highlighting the need for change regarding racism and hate crimes against black people, there are several takeaways from this conversation that are healthy for healing relationships.

I talked with Kavita in a previous conversation about the power of growth partner relationships. Most people have accountability partners, but there’s a certain connotation attached to the concept of accountability partners. “I need you to hold me accountable.” Growth partners commit to “helping one another grow and excel.” Learn more about the concept of growth partners in my blog post on the topic.

Kavita shares here thoughts on relationships with us: “A whole individual meets a whole individual and that shared space where two meet is where the relationship begins. In order for that partnership to be healthy, we need to think of ourselves as individuals and what we stand for.”

Let these statements sit with you for a moment. The shared space. Where the relationship begins.  Healthy partnerships. What we stand for.

The process of growth begins with reflection and ownership.
The process of growth begins with reflection and ownership.

The process of growth begins with reflection and ownership. We have to know that we don’t know it all. One of the pillars that I pour into my children and the students of my class is to work hard to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. Hold yourself accountable, have high expectations for yourself. Everyone benefits when we grow and grow together. Kavita is passionate about reconnecting with meaning.  She provides beautiful analogies of growth and life.

I mentioned earlier that this was recorded prior to racially charged protests for change. Can you see how the concepts we discussed are applicable to the healthy conversations that need to happen? The growth, relationships, healthy partnerships, what we stand for?

Howdy, Edufriends! I am a lover of people and relationships. I’ve been teaching for more than 16 years. My happy places have been reading specialist, instructional coach, mentor, and a 3rd grade and Kindergarten teacher. My classroom is a live learning lab hosting student teachers, teachers who want to learn how to have more engagement in their classrooms, and administrators for other schools often pop in. I am most passionate about igniting the spark in adults and helping children believe in themselves. Perhaps oddly interesting, I have a unique love for animals that includes previously having owned a boa constrictor and having shown pure-bred wolves at wolf shows. I should have said unique love for exotic animals!

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