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Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: The Revolutionization of Education

Intelligogy The Podcast: Season 2, Episode 2: The Revolutionization of Education


Intelligogy The Podcast’s exciting new format features Teach Better Tuesday! Every Tuesday I will connect us to the experts of the Teach Better Team.

This episode is an intriguing conversation with Rae Hughart discussing the Revolutionization of Education. From teachers having a voice to, operating in proactivity, grace over grades, to gaps in equity and access, we explore challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed to continue to revolutionize education amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Admittedly, we were thrown into crisis remote learning. Now that most of us are approaching the end of our school year around the world, Rae celebrates educators and continues to challenge us to move from a state of reaction to a state of proactivity as we continue to navigate supporting students.

Certain elements – whether begin the school year in a blending, virtual, or in-school environment – will be the same and serve full consideration:

  • Giving access to content
  • Students being able to pace themselves at a pace that works for them
  • How we provide feedback to student
Embracing a shift in mindset from filling gaps to focusing on quality teaching will be essential in supporting students.
Embracing a shift in mindset from filling gaps to focusing on quality teaching will be essential in supporting students.

Embracing a shift in mindset from filling gaps to focusing on quality teaching will be essential in supporting students.  “The more we can focus on providing whatever they need…that mastery concept is going to take them very far,” Rae shares with us as we discussed mastery teaching.  “Providing scaffolding, backward design, appreciating that students learn differently and come in at different places.”

The Grid Method supports this mindset shift. The Grid Method supports the design of rigorous content and provides students with the support to manage the content.  Student empowerment and student self advocacy begins with the Tracking Page provided by using the Grid Method.  It helps teachers know what students are working on, gives them ownership in their learning, and other students can learn about what students are working on using the Grid Method.

As we shifted to inequities that have been brought to the forefront as a result of a global pandemic, Rae tells us, “The more we can share about our schools to our communities, the more we will find solutions to our problems.”

In a moment of vulnerability during a private conversation with Rae, I shared a negative voice in my head that at one time held me back…”I’m just a teacher.”  You’ll learn more about that conversation when you listen to the episode. Sharing this transparent moment, led Rae to sharing an insider’s view of one of the chapters in the soon to be released book, “Teachers Deserve I!”, that Rae co-authored with Adam Welcome. The chapter addresses all the ways that teachers become silent and they encourage us, challenge us to demand our voices be heard.

There’s so much more to this riveting conversation about the revolutionization of education.  Engage further by listening to the episode and coming back every Tuesday to connect with the experts from the Teach Better Team.

Howdy, Edufriends! I am a lover of people and relationships. I’ve been teaching for more than 16 years. My happy places have been reading specialist, instructional coach, mentor, and a 3rd grade and Kindergarten teacher. My classroom is a live learning lab hosting student teachers, teachers who want to learn how to have more engagement in their classrooms, and administrators for other schools often pop in. I am most passionate about igniting the spark in adults and helping children believe in themselves. Perhaps oddly interesting, I have a unique love for animals that includes previously having owned a boa constrictor and having shown pure-bred wolves at wolf shows. I should have said unique love for exotic animals!

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