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Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 11: Monday Matters Featuring Traci Browder

Intelligogy The Podcast Season 2, Episode 11: Monday Matters Featuring Traci Browder

Traci Browder | @tracibrowder
October 1,  2020

Where do I begin?

Lives lost.




Political unrest.

Loaded opinions.

Police brutality & killings.

Racial & social injustice & crisis.

Our future.



What are we – educators – going to do to lead our students and take a stand against racism?

This summer, I was in the middle of guest facilitating Shelley Burgess’ & Beth Houf’s online chat, #LeadLAP, based on their book, “Lead Like a Pirate,” when the news broke of George Floyd’s death. Floyd was tragically and senselessly murdered at the hands of officers.

I asked Beth and Shelley if we could transition our chat to how to combat racism. They freely and indefinitely have given their space to this work. Since May, the #LeadLAP chat has been focused on taking educators across the country on a journey of Leading by Learning about understanding what it means to be antiracist, lead in difficult environments, and have uncomfortable conversations.

After a couple of weeks of facilitating this powerful conversation, I invited Dawn Harris to join me as co-guest-facilitator of the chat. During  one of deep conversations, we were discussing the commitment to the work of antiracism and what it takes to educate others to facilitating change and transformation.

We knew then and we know now that there will be resistance to this work, that people need allies, people they can trust to talk to, to grow, to challenge eachother’s thoughts, and hold one another accountable. To do this work, to be committed, work continue in spite of setbacks, to not retreat, we all need to establish and be part of a GritCrew.


This episode ignites all of us to have the grit to continue to push forward, advocate for change, and to fight to dismantle systemic racism.

Students have spoken.

They are demanding to see adults, educators, speak up. Saying nothing is no longer an option. Not being racist is not the same as being antiracist. We must lead, even if that means Leading by Learning.

Be a part of change. Identify your GritCrew.

Ending Racism

Howdy, Edufriends! I am a lover of people and relationships. I’ve been teaching for more than 16 years. My happy places have been reading specialist, instructional coach, mentor, and a 3rd grade and Kindergarten teacher. My classroom is a live learning lab hosting student teachers, teachers who want to learn how to have more engagement in their classrooms, and administrators for other schools often pop in. I am most passionate about igniting the spark in adults and helping children believe in themselves. Perhaps oddly interesting, I have a unique love for animals that includes previously having owned a boa constrictor and having shown pure-bred wolves at wolf shows. I should have said unique love for exotic animals!

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