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Improving Student Outcomes Through Instructional Coaching & Integration | Educators Without Borders

Improving Student Outcomes Through Instructional Coaching & Integration | Educators Without Borders

Educators Without Borders

Instructional coaches, integrationists, and specialists represent a unique group of educational professionals charged with improving teaching practices and student outcomes by working with teachers, school leaders, parents, and students. The wide variation in these position titles, job responsibilities, and day-to-day workflow provides an opportune moment for us to reflect upon the value that these roles add to a school, the challenges these individuals face, and advice for educators interested in transitioning to a coaching or integrationist role.

This episode of Educators Without Borders features Heidi MacGregor (K-6 STEM Integration Specialist, Littleton Public Schools, Massachusetts, USA), Marcy Corley (Elementary Math Coordinator, Frisco ISD, Frisco, Texas, USA), and Sarah Donaldson (K-8 Literacy Coach & Elementary Assistant Principal, International School of Curitiba, Brazil). Hosted by Claire Springer (Director of Professional Learning, SchoolRubric, Texas, USA).

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  • 0:00 Educators Without Borders Opening
  • 1:18 Group introductions
  • 3:03 Why did you leave the classroom for a role in coaching/integration?
  • 7:13 Similarities and differences among specialists, coaches, and integrationists
  • 16:46 What does your day-to-day look like as a coach or integrationist?
  • 28:35 Measuring and assessing the effectiveness of coaching/integration efforts

Educators Without Borders presented by SchoolRubric regularly convenes leading voices in education from across the globe to discuss the latest trends, news, stories, and insights in education.


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