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From Earning to Learning: Rubrics

From Earning to Learning: Rubrics


From Earning to Learning is the podcast where Dave Frangiosa shares research backed philosophies, thoughts on student engagement and classroom tested techniques that can help move students towards learning.

When developed and used properly, rubrics can guide students through their learning. The different types of rubrics and applications of them are discussed here.

Twitter: @DavidFrangiosa


I have been a high school science teacher for 14 years. Over that time, I have been a driving force in many initiatives across multiple districts. I developed, wrote curriculum for and taught two courses for a medical academy. As part of this initiative, we placed high school students in allied health internships at a local hospital. We also piloted a paperless classroom that led to a district-wide one-to-one program. Shortly after moving on to my current district, I began conducting action research on grade reform. As a result of this work, I was asked to be on a county-wide Growth Learning Assessment and Mindset (GLAM) committee. In addition to presenting these ideas with my district and at the GLAM meetings, I have presented at ECET2Metro and the New Jersey Science Teachers Convention.


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