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The Educators Without Borders Team

Educators Without Borders – presented by SchoolRubric – convenes leading voices in education to discuss trends, news, and issues facing global education today. Our production team strives to outreach and connect with a diverse, knowledgeable, and engaging group for each episode and panel we assemble. Panelists bring a mixture of evidence-based practices, research-based knowledge, and personality to prompts and questions posed by a group of likeminded peers. One of the unique features of Educators Without Borders is that we truly believe that each educator shifts through different roles ranging from leader to follower, learner to teacher, moderator to panelist, and panelist to viewer. In this spirit, we create a community to engaged educators looking to learn from each other, connect, and improve outcomes for all students.


We are always looking for new episode ideas and passionate educators to join our panels. If you have any interest in participating in an upcoming episode of Educators Without Borders, have an episode suggestion, or are interested in joining our team, please email us at

Educators Without Borders Production Team

Lindsay Prendergast

Educators Without Borders Producer

Lindsay Prendergast currently is a professional learning consultant at NWEA and a Framework Specialist at The Danielson Group. Prior, Lindsay was a Principal and Assistant Principal in international schools and in the U.S.

Educators Without Borders Panelists

Julia Reynen

Founder, Clear Crossing Academy
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Julia Reynen is the founder of Clear Crossing Academy, an organization that provides programs and support for professional progress. Julia formerly an international school Principal with more than a decade of living and working in diverse international communities.

Lindsay Prendergast

Consultant (NWEA), Former Principal
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Lindsay Prendergast currently is a professional learning consultant at NWEA and a Framework Specialist at The Danielson Group. Prior, Lindsay was a Principal and Assistant Principal in international schools and in the U.S.

Dr. Spencer A. Fowler

CEO & Superintendent, The Affiliated High School of Peking University's Dalton Academy
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Dr. Spencer Fowler is the CEO & Superintendent at The Affiliated High School of Peking University's Dalton Academy and has served in public and private schools in Chile, China, Egypt, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam for over a decade.

Lee Hole

Head of Secondary, GEMS International School Dubai
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Lee Hole is the Head of Secondary at GEMS International School Dubai and originally from Derbyshire, UK.

Charles Williams

Principal, Plato Learning Academy
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Charles Williams is the Principal at Plato Learning Academy in Chicago, Illinois and the host of The Counter Narrative Podcast

Matt Jones

Teacher, Author, Podcaster
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Matt Jones is a high school teacher in California, father to two teenagers, co-host of the Teacher Saves World podcast, and author of the book "Helping Teens Succeed in High School & Life for Parents & Teachers: How High School Shapes a Teen's Future and What We Can Do to Help Them Thrive."

VaShawn Smith

Principal, Grandview Middle School
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Dr. VaShawn Smith is the Principal at Grandview Middle School in Grandview, Missouri. Dr. Smith has served as an Assistant Principal, Instructional Coach, and has math teaching experience. Dr. Smith is also part of the AOS podcast representing The Realist Education Movement.

Dawn Harris

ELA & Gifted Teacher, Associate Professor of Teacher Education
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Dawn is a passionate and energetic educator who lives by the motto, “Relationships First.” Her enthusiasm for creating connections is infectious and she thrives on the opportunity to learn about the things that motivate and inspire teachers and students alike.

Claire Springer

SchoolRubric Director of Professional Learning
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Claire Springer is SchoolRubric's Director of Professional Learning and also has experience as a teacher, instructional coach, curriculum specialist, and administrator.

Chris Irvin

MYP Principal, International School of Shenzhen
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Chris Irvin is a former Athletic Director and PE teacher who is currently serving as the MYP Principal at the International School of Shenzhen, China.

Ronald Lalonde

High School Principal, American School of Dubai
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Ronald D. Lalonde, Ed.D., ACC, NCC, is the Founder and Managing Director of Riverspath Coaching and Consulting. Dr. Lalonde has researched extensively and developed applications of positive psychology to middle level education.

Jay Jones

Professional Learning Consultant, NWEA, Elementary School Administrator
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Dr. Jay Jones is an Elementary School Principal at Danville Public Schools in Virginia and is also a professional learning consultant with NWEA.

Marcy Corley

Elementary Math Coordinator, Frisco ISD
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Marcy Corley is a K-5 Elementary Mathematics Coordinator in Frisco ISD in Texas. She is also the mom two active boys, avid sports fan, and doctoral student.

Catarina Song Chen

Director, American School of Belo Horizonte
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Catarina Song Chen is the director of the American School of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. She has served on a number of advisory and governance boards and was recognized as a 2015 National Distinguished Principal.

Serena Pariser

Author, Keynote Speaker, Adjunct Faculty
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Serena Pariser is the author of the Real Talk book series. Her passions in education revolve around creating sustainable systems, bridging global inequity in education, and sharing best practices to maximize student learning and teacher satisfaction and in schools.

Matt Rhoads

Educational Specialist, University Lecturer, Author
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Dr. Matthew Rhoads is an Educational Specialist, university lecturer on edtech tool instructional integration and teacher candidate supervisor, author, educational consultant, and researcher. He is the author of “Navigating the Toggled Term” and is a co-author of “Igniting your Teaching Using Educational Technology,” which is a book for beginning teachers using educational technology.


K-12 TEacher-Rockstar, Author, Keynote Speaker
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Steven "ÉTIENNE" Langlois is an award-winning teacher-rockstar and author of the #1 best-selling book "Rock Your Class."

Heidi MacGregor

K-5 STEM Integration Specialist, Littleton Public Schools
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Heidi MacGregor is a K-5 STEM Integration Specialist at Littleton Public Schools in Massachusetts.

Natalie Vardabasso

Assessment Instructional Design Lead, Calgary Academy
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Natalie Vardabasso is the Assessment Instructional Design Lead at Calgary Academy in Canada and is also the host of the #EduCrush podcast.

Ken O'Connor

Director/Consultant, Assess for Success Consulting Inc.
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Ken O’Connor is an independent consultant who specializes in issues relating to communicating student achievement – specifically grading and reporting. He is a strong advocate for standards-based teaching, grading and reporting. He has been a staff development presenter and facilitator in 46 states in the U.S., nine provinces and one territory in Canada, and 22 countries outside North America.

Brad Latzke

Former International School Leader, Consultant
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Brad Latzke is the former middle school principal at Hong Kong International School and served previously as principal at Shanghai American School – Puxi Campus and American School of Doha. He has taught and served in school leadership positions at international schools in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Qatar, China, and Hong Kong.

Tom Schimmer

Education Author, Speaker, and Consultant
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Tom Schimmer is an education author, speaker, and consultant from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). He is recognized as a leader and expert in the areas of classroom assessment, sound grading practices, educational leadership, and RTI.

Sarah Donaldson

K-8 Literacy Coach & ES Assistant Principal, International School of Curitiba
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Originally from Canada, Sarah Donaldson currently works at the International School of Curitiba in Brazil as the K-8 Literacy Coach and Elementary School Assistant Principal.

Wallace Ting

SchoolRubric Co-Founder
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Dr. Wallace Ting is an experienced teacher, Principal, School Director, and University Researcher who has worked in Texas, New York City, Colombia, Guatemala, Nigeria, and Florida. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida with his young son, Phillip.

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