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EduMagic E48: What Does Your Digital Presence Say About You?

EduMagic E48: What Does Your Digital Presence Say About You?

Samantha Fecich | @sfecich
March 31,  2020

Today on the EduMagic podcast I have with me, Arlin Roth. Arlin is a K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist, Google for Edu Certified trainer, and a connected educator. You can find him over on Twitter @arothTechTools. During this episode, we talk about the power of a positive digital presence, the positives of subbing for a district, and more! Let’s dig right into this week’s episode.

Tell me about your teaching story

Growing up I didn’t want to be a teacher. My dad taught 5th grade and I even had him as a teacher, twice! As I grew up I found that I enjoyed helping others and during the first year of college, I added secondary education to my degree. Arlin shares what it was like having his dad for a teacher. Now I am an instructional tech coach and I work with teachers K-12 teaching & learning together each day.

Share a favorite teaching moment from your college days

In the beginning, I was very hesitant to build relationships with students. I was told, “Don’t smile until Thanksgiving.” However, I gained confidence when I started my first teaching job. I learned that the advice about not smiling is bogus! We need to build relationships with our students.

I received some great advice from an education professor, Auburn Boyers, who shared, “Don’t look down on students who are not taking college courses. People who work with their hands can have the satisfaction of looking at what they have accomplished at the end of the day.” Teaching isn’t always like that. We might not see the fruits of our labor until later down the road.

EduMagic advice – Digital presence

  • Search for yourself “What would you think of you as a professional?” (Fecich, 2018, p.27)
  • “Be a person of integrity in all of life, that way you don’t have to worry about what people might “find out” about you”. (Fecich, 2018, p.29)
  • “If you are controlling your digital presence, then who is?” (Fecich, 2018, p.30)
  • Be picky about who you follow online. (Fecich, 2018, p.49) Find and follow people who will provide new ideas, encouragement, information and resources that you can use, and positive messages.
Search for yourself “What would you think of you as a professional?”
Search for yourself “What would you think of you as a professional?”

What is one piece of advice you have for preservice teachers?

  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find a teaching job right away. Sometimes, jobs open up during the school year.
  • Long term sub positions can also lead to full-time employment.
  • Subbing gives you a chance to get to know a school and it also provides opportunities to show what you can do.
  • Very few people land their dream job as their first job.

Who do you recommend preservice teachers to follow on Twitter or Instagram and why?

Thank you for listening to the EduMagic podcast episode 48 featuring Arlin Roth. Share your tips for harnessing your positive digital presence below. Remember friends, you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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Hi! I am Dr. Sam Fecich, I am a professor of education at Grove City College. I work with future teachers in areas related to special education and educational technology. I am also the author of EduMAgic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers and a podcast designed just for future teachers, called EduMagic. I am a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes (PSL) and binging Netflix shows like The Office. I look forward to connecting with you!


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