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“Courageous Leaders are Willing to Fail” – Julia Reynen

“Courageous Leaders are Willing to Fail” – Julia Reynen

Wallace Ting
| @TingWallace
July 16,  2020
Education News

Founder and Principal Advisor of Culture Innovator Julia Reynen shares with SchoolRubric’s Wallace Ting her thoughts on workplace culture, courageous leadership, and several additional exciting projects she is working on. For more information on Julia or her projects, visit or

  • 0:00 Introduction Julia Reynen
  • 0:46 Relocating from overseas, Founding Culture Innovator
  • 2:30 How has the pandemic changed your outlook?
  • 3:35 Clear Crossing Academy
  • 4:47 What is strong, courage leadership?
  • 5:39 Identifying positive culture gaps
  • 7:18 Workplace culture in international schools
  • 9:41 Staff morale in virtual environments
  • 12:21 Contact Julia Reynen

Dr. Wallace Ting is originally from Dallas, Texas and began his career in education as a public school mathematics teacher in Texas and New York City (as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows program). He has also worked in international education for a total of 10 years as a Principal, Deputy Director, and Director in Guatemala, Colombia, and Nigeria. Currently, Dr. Ting resides in Orlando, Florida with his young son, Phillip and enjoys playing tennis, camping, and hiking.


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