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Advancing Humanity Episode 84: Smart Cities + 5G – Will this tech help us thrive as a species?

Advancing Humanity Episode 84: Smart Cities + 5G – Will this tech help us thrive as a species?


Prateek Sureka is an Innovation Specialist who works in the intersection of policy, technology and innovation, consulting governments to develop Smart Cities of the future and leading teams in the Uk, India, Canada and United States. His vision for the future is to support climate change where we cut out carbon emissions and get rid of economic disparity.

We discussed some innovations that incorporate interesting robotics and tech. Singapore, for example, has robotic police, in the form of robotic dogs, created by Boston Dynamics that help to regulate how far apart people are social distancing.

A dystopian future is not out of the question with these types of advancements so using caution is more than necessary. Shows like Black Mirror demonstrates how this kind of tech may go awry, though we humans can explore ways to safely incorporate tech into Smart Cities.

There is a trade off to living in these kinds of cities since it can be costly.

We also discussed data privacy and what people are doing to advocate for policies around security.

Some questions we address:

  • What is a Sidewalk Lab?
  • What systems in a smart city will be affected?
  • What training should our youth get now to adapt to the future job market?
  • What has to happen in order to see smart cities as a reality? How long will this take?
  • When will 5g get here and how will it shape the future of tech?
  • What jobs should our youth prepare for?

Charle speaks to you with a genuine passion for making this world a better place to live. She interviews people who contribute to this quest and is willing to challenge the status quo. As an American living in Canada, her worldly understanding of cultural diversity allows her to have an open-mind and equitable discussion around a large variety of topics. Her background brings an intriguing perspective as an educator, soon-to-be clinical therapist, and parent of three boys. She has a knack for recognizing changes that need to occur within ourselves and within our social systems.


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