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Advancing Humanity Episode 79: Allyship + #BLM – How do we shift this cultural divide?

Advancing Humanity Episode 79: Allyship + #BLM – How do we shift this cultural divide?


Colin C. Thompson is an entrepreneur, business owner, father and husband. Today we talk with Colin about unconscious bias, or implicit bias, and how it shapes humanity.
Understanding this can help us learn more about the behaviors that led to the current discrimination and racial-related protests taking place throughout the globe and the importance of having empathy for people of different cultures. He also shares some of his own experiences that have allowed him to develop the ability to participate ethically and effectively in personal and professional intercultural settings.

Colin also discusses how people can become aware of one’s own cultural values and world view and their implications for making respectful, reflective and reasoned choices.

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His insight on LIFE Coaching, Living in China during COVID-19, Overcoming Life, Developing Confidence,
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Charle speaks to you with a genuine passion for making this world a better place to live. She interviews people who contribute to this quest and is willing to challenge the status quo. As an American living in Canada, her worldly understanding of cultural diversity allows her to have an open-mind and equitable discussion around a large variety of topics. Her background brings an intriguing perspective as an educator, soon-to-be clinical therapist, and parent of three boys. She has a knack for recognizing changes that need to occur within ourselves and within our social systems.


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