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Advancing Humanity Episode 78: Unconscious Bias – Can we shift a nation’s attitude in response to the #BLM movement?

Advancing Humanity Episode 78: Unconscious Bias – Can we shift a nation’s attitude in response to the #BLM movement?


Colin Thompson is an entrepreneur, business owner, father and husband. Today we talk with him about unconscious bias, or implicit bias, and how it shapes humanity.

With so much civil unrest in the US and globally with the BLM movement, this is an important conversation. Defunding the police is not about removing money from police officers arbitrarily, it is about funding programs to help children develop a more positive relationship with police (and visa versa) so we can create generational shifts in our feeling of comfort and safety with police officers. Colin has lived in various parts of the world such as Canada, the United States (Kentucky – my home state whoop whoop) and China. He says that helping others is contagious, and we can help advance humanity. Listening is one simple thing we can do to help people he says, and his message is powerful and positive.

As a coach in “the sport of life”. Colin helps train corporate employees in diversity and sometimes works with people one-on-one. Having a more culturally aware and conscious workforce gives us more competitive advantage.

Colin says that what is taking place with the #BLM protests and rallies are “beautiful” because this issue is being talked about and we can maintain consciousness without any violence, which is the intention in igniting change.
Anyone who wants to truly make a positive difference can start by being an ally.







Charle speaks to you with a genuine passion for making this world a better place to live. She interviews people who contribute to this quest and is willing to challenge the status quo. As an American living in Canada, her worldly understanding of cultural diversity allows her to have an open-mind and equitable discussion around a large variety of topics. Her background brings an intriguing perspective as an educator, soon-to-be clinical therapist, and parent of three boys. She has a knack for recognizing changes that need to occur within ourselves and within our social systems.


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