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Advancing Humanity Episode 77: Human Trafficking & the Internet – How vulnerable are your kids?

Advancing Humanity Episode 77: Human Trafficking & the Internet – How vulnerable are your kids?


Nic McKinley is a former CIA and Pararescuer who has a Harvard education. He is the founder of and Verafī.net.

Human trafficking is compared to slavery since someone is profiting from it; it is an economic exchange.

Every 2.5 hours a child is taken according to the NCMEC.

Human traffickers use technology to lure their victims and Nic McKinley collects data to help law enforcement find children who are trafficked. Labor trafficking is a massive problem in the United States as well, so helps to eliminate this issue.

Traffickers are sifting through Facebook, Tik Tok, instagram, and all of the social media outlets to find youth, especially girls, so COVID has made trafficking worse since more youth are online.

Nic says that traffickers are looking for some type of vulnerability and the person who is trafficking is a master at identifying girls. Ultimately, he says, it is a numbers game as they chat with as many vulnerable boys and girls as they can such as through these social media platforms but also through video gaming.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, only 1% are recovered and 25% who go missing enter the trafficking market or cycle. About 100,000 enter that market in the United States and only 1% of them are found, so that is why Nic says it is more important to go after the root cause of human trafficking so that it to target the traffickers.

Nic also discussed how defunding the police will make it more difficult to find missing children so this is something we should appreciate about our law enforcement.

The best things the parents can do is NOT to let their children on Tik Tok according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).
Traffickers are bullies and children and teens should tell adults if they are victims or have been approached. If you have a friend who is involved in something suspicious, you need to tell an adult because if they were overdosing, you wouldn’t ignore them. You would help save your friend’s life since their life span average when trafficked is just 7 years. has a THRIVERS programs for victims who are rescued by connecting them to community resources. They do not run safe houses, but they are the ones who gathers intelligence and then supports victims by connecting them with professionals.

Nic is hopeful that we can eradicate human trafficking which is why he is focusing on going after the trafficker.

FILM: I am Jane Doe by Mary Mazzio




Find Nic and his organization online:

Charle speaks to you with a genuine passion for making this world a better place to live. She interviews people who contribute to this quest and is willing to challenge the status quo. As an American living in Canada, her worldly understanding of cultural diversity allows her to have an open-mind and equitable discussion around a large variety of topics. Her background brings an intriguing perspective as an educator, soon-to-be clinical therapist, and parent of three boys. She has a knack for recognizing changes that need to occur within ourselves and within our social systems.


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