SchoolRubric is currently in beta version. Please stay tuned for updates!

What is SchoolRubric?


School stakeholders such as parents, teachers, community members, and even administrators often lack access to honest, transparent, and timely information about schools. Because of this lack of information, these stakeholders often make ill-informed or poor decisions ranging from a parent selecting a school that is a poor fit for their child or a teacher applying for employment at a school that is unaligned with their pedagogical philosophy.

Our mission at SchoolRubric is to help inform stakeholders through storytelling. Storytelling allows us to not only inform about successes, challenges, and news, but does so in a captivating and interesting way. Our hope is that by providing more reliable information and creating opportunities for engagement, stakeholders will begin to make more educated decisions which will in term ultimately help improve student learning outcomes.

Our website is currently in beta version, but we have already released the first issue of our feature publication, InterACT magazine. We invite you to read our magazine and stay tuned for future releases as we expect to release this magazine four times per calendar year. Additionally, we post regular online articles from contributors around the world on topics ranging from educational and school news, perspectives, and travel. Finally, we have a message board which we hope provides a forum to ask questions, give advice, and share stories.

We expect to continue refining our current features and have several exciting new features and rollouts planned over the course of the next several months. We welcome any feedback, inquiries, or comments and invite you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Whatsapp chat at +1 (352) 630-2933.